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Nov. 29th, 2014 @ 06:32 pm [sticky post] Quick Links
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:26 pm Meushell Kija - 7/6/1998 - Sailing
(A little referring to others by their SNs, not their character names.)

~~Meushell Kija's log-9807.06~~
Our shoreleave ended with a sailing trip with some of the crew. I had never been sailing before. There were two ships, the Pegasus and the Orion. Lord Raymar was in charge of the Pegasus, which was the ship I was on. The two boats were to head west towards a few islands.

I remember looking at the islands from the land, they were the size of dots. I was glad to be able to see them but I also wished those "dots" were a little bigger. I also remember seeing how beautiful the ocean was. I was used to seeing blue ocean but I am still used to the purple ones on my homeworld, Trill.

After getting on the boat my first job was to help put up the front triangle sail, which I learned was the jib. Captain Roo helped alot in doing this.

Next I help put up the main sail.

My favorite job was holding the right jib rope in place. Here I was also able to look at the view. Watch the horizon, the sun, and seeing the islands get bigger. ::Smiles::

A storm was spotted. I looked out to the sky to find it. Fear and excitement ran through me. I watched it until, I heard my name. I was now ordered to take the jib down.

I ran to it, forgetting the storm, to take it down. Ensign Dawnfrost helped. I was so busy getting the jib down quickly and correctly I didn't notice my raw hands. We did it, and fairly quickly too, I think.

But the storm came, and quickly. Waves started hitting the boat, rocking it. I grabbed on to the closest thing next to me, a rope. A wave came where I was, the salty ocean stinging my eyes. I closed them tightly. Next another wave of water came. Suddenly I felt the deck was no longer under me and I had lost grip of the rope. I next opened my eyes to find I was in the ocean, and the surface far above. I swam up quickly, though the life jacket did much of the work. Thank the person who invented life jackets. Had I not had one... ::Pauses:: Had we all not had one, for I reached the surface to see the Pegasus break on the rocks of the island and sink under. I started swimming to the island when everything around slowly disappeared and I found myself in Avenger's cargo bay. I was wet, tired, and ached, so I lay there for a moment closing my eyes and resting. Then I smiled and laughed.

~Personal log~

Despite the storm, I had a great time. I knew sailing was hard work, but fun, I never considered it. In fact the storm added to it. ::Laughs:: I guess that's what you call dangerous fun.
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:20 pm Meushell Kija - 7/1/1998 - First Log
(The chat roleplay session this was based on is long gone, but this was the first "log" I ever wrote. I'm going to have three different roleplay tags.

Sim - A chat log of a roleplay session.
Journal - Logs [written, based on sims], or something I wrote that is just about my character. No real interaction with other players.
Roleplay - Includes the above, or is a forum roleplay session.)

Ensign Meushell Kija's log-9807.01

I was just recently posted on the USS Avenger. At this time Avenger was about to have shore leave. I went on a safari with Ensign Hunter. Hunter had to leave so I continued. I saw a couple animals and things were going well. Then I heard Kaphro screaming. Kaphro was attacked by someone I later identified as Frank Bird. I helped her and Hunter come and took her to sickbay.

Personal log:
I had a great time on the safari. However next time we have shore leave I won't spend all my time in one place.

End log.

(Well, that was some boring shit to read. LOL. The sim was a bit more fun, even though I didn't really know what I was doing.)
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:19 pm USS Avenger - Last Roster (1/27/2010)
(This one was made by me, as I took over in 2000. I have this listed as my last roster, but it doesn't seem to be the last last one, as the date doesn't seem right. Either way, it's sparse, as Avenger was well on its way out by now. At our peak, we had upwards of twenty people. Here, we had five, and their attendance was spotty at best.)

USS Avenger Roster

HazelLindon has left the sim due to real life obligations. We have two new crew members, so welcome aboard, Lt Cora L Majors and Adam. Right now Cora's e-mail is not on the mailstring. I thought I had it, and it turns out, I don't. I will update you as soon as I have it. The rest of her information is in the roster. The mailstring and screen names have been removed.

Escape Velocity - Our room. This link only works with aol members.
Escape Velocity - This link should work for those on aim.
Avenger's Website - Our sim's website
USF's Website - Our group's website
(Links have been removed and are obsolete anyway.)



Commanding Officer - Captain Meushell Storm Kija - (SN Here)
Executive Officer - Commander John Mathews - (SN Here)
Chief of Security/Tactical - Lieutenant Commander Geordi Suvok Banu - (SN Here)
Chief of Science - Open
Operations Manager - Lieutenant Commander Nibar Xand - (SN Here)
Helm - Lieutenant Commander Lila Kirk - (SN Here)
Chief of Engineer - Open
Chief of Medical - Open

Chief of Security/Tactical - Lieutenant Commander Suvok
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical - Open
Assistant Security/Tactical - Open
Assistant Security/Tactical - Open
Assistant Security/Tactical - Lieutenant Casper - (NPC)

Chief of Science - Open
Assistant Chief Science - Open
Assistant Science - Ensign Ashiryn th'Ollis - (SN Here)
Assistant Science - Open
Assistant Science - Lieutenant Commander Ghost (NPC)

Operations Manager - Lieutenant Commander Nibar Xand
Operations Assistant - Lieutenant Commander Steve Tyrne - (SN Here)

Helm - Lieutenant Commander Lila Kirk
Assistant Helm/Navigation - Open
Assistant Helm - Ensign Spooky - (NPC)

Chief of Engineer - Open
Assistant Chief Engineer - Open
Assistant Engineer - Open
Assistant Engineer - Open
Assistant Engineer - Ensign Sarah Flaherty - (NPC)
Transporter Chief - Ensign Sue Tor - (PNPC)

Chief of Medical - Open
Assistant Chief Medical - Open
Assistant Medical - Ensign Adam Warlock - (SN Here)
Assistant Medical - Ensign Seili Pangean - (2nd)
Counselor - Ensign Scot R. Jax - (SN Here)

Child Care - Anna Rosen - (NPC)
Used As Needed - Biran Sethon - (2nd)
The Self Aware Advanced Hologram - Skye - (PNPC)

1. Meushell Storm Kija (9807.01)
2. John Mathews (0101.17)
3. Geordi Suvok Banu (0007.26)
4. Lila Kirk (0110.01)
5. Nibar Xand (0204.24)
6. Steve Tyrne (0706.16)
7. Ashiryn th'Ollis (0905.24)

1. Ghost (9802.24)
2. Casper (9802.24)
3. Sue Tor (0102.14)
4. Spooky (0103.21)
5. Sarah Flaherty (0108.15)
6. Seili Pangean (0706.28)

(Civilians are not listed either of the chain of commands.)

NPC - Non-playing Character - A character used as needed for plot devices.
2nd - Secondary Character - A secondary character of a player
PNPC - A Personal Non-playing Character - An NPC personally owned by a player
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:15 pm USS Avenger - First Roster (7/1/1998)
(Well, the first one I saw. It was around a few months before I ever joined. It came in the same day as the first Avenger roleplay I joined.)

Date: Wednesday, July 01, 1998 16:40:26

Avenger Roster

Commanding Officers - Captain Thelma Roo and Captain Mynd Blaster
Second Officer - CmndrHackl
Ship's Counselor - LtCdDannon
Operations Officer - Ens Cain
Helmsman - Ens Jasman Hunter (Ens Hunter)

Chief Engineering Officer - SuperYagu1
First Asst. Eng. - open

Security and Tactical
Chief Security - LtCdrDNova
First Asst: MeuShell
Tactical Officer - Sisko 199
First Asst. Security - Ens. Raine

Madical and Science
Chief Medical Officer - CmndrHackl
Asst. Medical Officer - Ldy Keriden (Doc Callie O'Shea, resident Xenobiologist.)
Asst. Medical Officer - Ens Raine
Science Officer - Lord Raymar
Asst. Science Officer - Ens Caine

Special Guest Villains (SGVs): none

Chain of Command
Cpt T Roo
Cpt Blaster
2. CmndrHackl
3. Lt Cdr D Nova
4. LtCd Dannon
5. Ldy Keriden
6. Lord Raymar (LT)
7. Sisko 199 (LT)
8. SuperYagu1 (LT)
9. Ens Hunter
10. Ens Cain
11. Ens Raine
12. Princes ML
13. MeuShell

(So...a mix of screen names and character names. No wonder I was confused when I joined. Also..."Madical?" I'm not sure what was or wasn't in bold or color colored, but I imagine the department headers were at least in bold.)
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:06 pm Michaela Barge
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 06:05 pm Elda Jarok
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 05:59 pm Mira of Ioka

Full Name: Mira of Ioka
• Previously: Mira of Aspen
Species: Human (prehistoric)
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Occupation: Hunter

Hair: Black, medium length, often worn back
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 138 pounds
Build: Medium Frame, Very Muscular
Identifying Mark(s): A few pox marks.
Accent: Simple speech combined with sign language.
Scent: Earthy
Clothing: She keeps it very basic.
Accessories: Hide Tunic (+5 Defense) , Baret (helmet), Tonics (x2)

• Cheerful, Loyal, Lonely, Aggressive (in fights), Outgoing

Father: Rock†
Mother: Autumn†
Step-Father / Uncle: Ridge†
Aunt: Flora, Autumn's sister. Helped a great deal to raise Mira and her siblings.
Sister: Blossom†, 10 years older, (age 4, flu). Died before Mira was born.
Sister: Fern, 7 years older
Adopted Brother / Cousin: Bay†, 5 years older, (age 14, itching pox).
Sister: Petal†, 4 years younger, (age 5, itching pox)
Half Brother: Dale†, 10 years younger (age 4, war)
Half Sister / Adopted Daughter: Nova, 11 years younger.
Half Brother/ Adopted Son: Clay, 14 years younger.
Husband: Forrest
Adopted Daughter: Rain
Daughter: Mist
Note: The use of terms like “adoption” and “half” are for clarification. It would not matter to Mira. She would, for instance, refer to her fathers as her “first father” and “second father.”

• Healing - Mira had the ability to heal others with basic medical aid.
• Hand-to hand - Mira used her hands, feet, and teeth in a bite.
Note: In the roleplay, all characters were given a class based on the Chrono Trigger characters. Mira was in the Barbarian class (based off Ayla's abilities). She learned the techniques of Kiss, Rollo Kick, and was almost up to Cat Attack before the roleplay shut down.

• Mira combined speech and sign language for her daily language. The sign language part was developed largely so that the people could hunt without noise. Long before Mira was born, it became part of their everyday language.
• However, this language was only fully understood by prehistoric humans. Future humans in particular, did not understand the importance of the gesturing. It gave them the impression that Mira's language was much more simple than it really was.
• Mira understands the concept of speech only language, as that is the method used by the Reptites. Still, the speech of other languages still sound very cluttered to her.

Personal History

• Mira was born 65 million BC in Aspen Village, a small hamlet that broke off from Ioka Village several generations back. They remained in contact through trade, working/hunting together, and marriage. Mira and her siblings were trained as warriors and hunters. With the war against the reptiles and just surviving, Mira had a lot of work at an early age. However, she was raised with a lot of love by her parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and older cousins.

• When she was nine, “itching pox” (chicken pox) spread through the village. Many died, including Mira's father and a couple of her siblings. The village was crippled, but Ioka Village welcomed in all the survivors. Mira herself survived the disease, but she still has a few faded scars on her face and body from scratching. Her mother remarried soon after, to Mira's uncle.

• A week after her fourteenth birthday, the reptiles attacked Ioka Village. They fought back, forcing the reptiles to leave, but many warriors, including Mira's mother and step-father, were lost. Mira took in her youngest siblings, Nova and Clay, to raise. Though she had helped tor raise younger relatives, adopting meant she was no longer considered a child. A celebration was thrown to celebrate Mira's womanhood. She was tattooed across the face, an old tradition that had been dropped by the Iokans and even by many of the Aspens. Mira kept with tradition to honor her mother, who had the same markings.

• A year after she became a woman (now fifteen), Forrest, a man from the Laruba Village, proposed to her. Mira agreed on two conditions: that he would wait three years, and that he would move to the Ioka Village. They ended up waiting a total of four years, and Mira married in spring of her nineteenth year. Forrest adopted Nova and Clay. Mira adopted a girl from Forrest's first marriage, Rain. Two years later, Mira gave birth to Mist.

• Age 24, Forrest lost an arm in a hunting accident. No longer able to hunt, he took on more household duties. Mira had to leave the home more, going on hunting parties.

• Age 32, While hunting in Mystic Mountains, Mira found some red rock. She gathered some in order to bring it to the chief. However, the rock underfoot gave way, and Mira fell from a cliff. She was swallowed by a time portal and landed in Leene Square. Stories of time travel were known to her, but she never thought she would get involved. The red rock was left behind, and Mira didn't know how to return home. She knew her family probably thought she was killed in the fall.

• She found the people of Truce to be kind, for the most part. She made a living by hunting, selling the pelts and meat to local merchants and keeping what she needs for herself.

• Less than a year after she traveled through time, a new adventure started. A time portal opened. Though it could have lead to any time, Mira took the chance, hoping to return home. Others went in as well, for their own personal reasons. They joined together as a group, finding themselves first in 600 AD, and then in prehistoric times. While the last stop was in Mira's lifetime, it was while she was still a child. It may not be right, but it may be the best chance she has, but the adventure, the quest she has taken, is calling her. She must chose, should she embrace what she has been given...or take a chance on that quest, and maybe, she truly can return to her right time.

(Then the site closed.)

Out of Character
Status: Retired
Created: August 18, 2014
Roleplayed: August 18, 2014 - October 14, 2014. Apirl 4, 2015 - May 29, 2015
Roleplays: Eternal Gaze
Universe: Chrono Trigger
Images: Ember from Dungeons and Dragons. Height and weight based on Olympian Adventure Racer, Cathy Sassin. (Did my best matching body types.)
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 05:02 pm Nashira
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Full Name: Nashira
Species: Fairy
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Occupation: Former Guardian Fairy

Age Appearance: 20's
Hair: Platinum Blonde, usually worn lose
Eye Color: Light Blue
Skin Tone: Pale Peach
Height: 3 inches (approximately the height of an adult woman's palm), 6 inches with wings (approximately the height of an adult woman's hand)
Weight: less than half of an ounce
Scent: She smells like nature, which may be like the forest, like grass, or like the earth itself.
Clothing: Nashira wears clothes that won't interfere with her flying, which generally means short and lacking sleeves. She prefers pales cloth, as that is what Jayel used to sew for her.
-- She needs to travel light to keep flying, so she only has the clothes she wears (she doesn't wear shoes unless she needs to dress for the cold), an anklet, her sword (one inch blade), sword belt, and sheath.

-- The anklet is made of Jayel's hair. It has a bit of magic on it to keep it from wearing down.

Personality Quirks
• Strong Willed, Sociable, Loyal, Angry, Sad, Cold, Impulsive, Vengeful, Flightly

The loss of Jayel, her Kokiri companion, left Nashira angry and vengeful. She has no issue with approaching new people, but she keeps it serious. In fact, she approaches people in hopes in hopes of finding a new companion. However, she's still in mourning, she's still clinging on the her past, so she finds that no one is good enough.

She's loyal to the Kokiri in general, though she avoids them, as they are reminder of what she lost. That was part of why she left the forest. The other reason was finding justice for Jayel. In truth, she's looking more for revenge than justice.

This has given her a goal to destroy all the evil in Hyrule. However, she knows it cannot be done alone, so she will find and be loyal to those with similar goals.

• Weapon of choice: Sword
Flutter: Nashira flies in and just annoys her opponent. Her speed and agility aid her.
Flutter Attack: A one and a half inch sword may sound weak on it's own, but Nashira is able to keep up the attack, stabbing and slicing again and again and again... Of course this only works against those who are not armored.
Element: Light
Photokinesis: Able to manipulate light, making it brighter or making simple illusions (like rainbows). Nashira is limited by the amount of light she has. As a fairy, she has a natural glow. The glow changes, depending on her mood, but she can use her ability to change it, hiding her true emotions. She cannot manipulate the light of other fairies.
Healing: She's able to heal injuries ranging from minor wounds to near death. However, she must rest after, even for minor injuries, so she's best used only for serious injuries. She cannot cure illness or curses.

Personal History

Nashira was born from the Kokiri Forest. She was immediately instructed to go to the Deku Tree. Jayel was born a few minutes later. Neither had a chance to grow up as other species do. Jayel was born with the appearance, innocence, and knowledge of a child. Nashira was born with the appearance of a young adult and the responsibility of being Jayel's companion and guardian.

For years, they lived in innocence. Jayel became a seamstress, making clothes for Nashira, other fairies, and other Kokiri. Nashira studied light magic. She took up the sword for their exploration into the Lost Woods, though it was largely to distract while Jayel made her escape. They never had an issue reuniting soon after.

When they were ten, Jayel gave Nashira a tiny braid of her own hair. It was intended to be a bracelet, but Nashira found it was better secured when worn as an anklet.

At thirty-five, as Nashira slept, she heard Jayel calling out for help. Hearing the fear and panic in Jayel's voice, Nashira rushed over in time to see something small scurry away from her companion. Jayel's injuries were too great for Nashira to heal. Jayel died a moment later. No one had seen what attacked her. Nashira stayed with the body for the next two days, even as Jayel was moved out of sight and prepared for burial.

For the next two years Nashira switched between spending days doing nothing and spending days dedicated to studying her healing magic. She felt as though she had failed Jayel by not being powerful enough to heal her.

Though everyone was kind to her, they all reminded her of what she lost, and Nashira felt empty in never finding out what killed Jayel. Though everyone protested, Nashira left Kokiri Forest.

Out of Character
Status: Retired
Created: June 16, 2014
Roleplayed: June 16, 2014 - July 11, 2014
Roleplays: Don't remember.
Universe: Zelda
Images: Daria Zhemkova, Zelda Sprite Image
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Jan. 30th, 2016 @ 04:31 pm Ei'tan th'Nemes
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